Process Outsourcing

eMpulse Business Process Outsourcing team is based in facilities located in Bangalore and Mysore. Our team of competent professionals with Six Sigma skills offers a range of end-to-end outsourcing services across different domains. We ensure high service quality that is delivered using advanced quality control methods. eMpulse focuses on timely delivery and cost arbitrage to offer services at very attractive price points ensuring that client expectations regarding processes performances are met or exceeded. Our service mantra is customer-first, and we adopt an integrated approach to meet your business needs.

eMpulse Outsourcing Categories

  • Technology Outsourcing
  • Process Outsourcing
  • Capability Outsourcing

  • Technology outsourcing is done for reasons such as cost and skill arbitrage.

    Many business processes are not location-specific thus process outsourcing allows progressive companies to harness the opportunity to move processes across global locations for scaling and cost arbitrage.

    Capability outsourcing involves outsourcing the capabilities that are not abundantly available in one location, to another where they exist. Companies that learn to use capabilities in a global landscape benefit from higher performance.

    MIS Reports

    Custom designed MIS reports are produced to monitor operations & sales performance.

    Supply Chain

    Industrial engineers and domain experts drive end-to-end solutions to support supply chain operations.

    Engineering Support

    Our team of competent engineers can remotely deliver support to your core engineering team.

    Finance & Accounts

    Our responsive teams support finance and accounts activities to focus on higher end tasks.